You would be hard-pressed to find a cleaner Pipe and Tube manufacturer. Axis Pipe and Tube manages nearly all aspects of our business with an eye toward our environmental footprint. In addition to providing a safe and healthy work place to our internal partners, we are committed to conserving energy and natural resources, treating water wisely and sparingly, and being a responsible neighbor to our community.

Simple uses of technology insure lights, heating and cooling come on only in the presence of human activity. Hours of operation are scheduled to account for peak utility demand times. More advanced systems to reuse our process water within closed loops of operation conserve this precious resource. Advanced welding and cutting techniques eliminate typical air emissions from our process. Sophisticated systems even channel our rainwater through complex detention structures so it can be managed and monitored to insure any rainwater that leaves our property is clean and safe.
Nearly all of our waste is recycled, allowing us to vie for the coveted classification of Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator. All of our environmental management efforts noted here might be typical of an industrial complex full of hazardous materials and processes. At Axis Pipe and Tube, despite having no significant hazardous wastes, we choose to honor the environment by exceeding what is required of us. We work hard to envision a future where we have not low, but NO environmental impact.

In addition to environmental excellence, of course we pursue environmental compliance through programs including:

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